Pen Pal Program

As a PD, I had kicked around the idea of starting a pen pal program with Manna's children's English students and an elementary school in the states, but having no connections with any elementary school stateside the program never panned out. Fortunately, however, the University of Michigan Manna Chapter reached out to me this year with the same idea! The UMich Manna chapter regularly volunteers at Harm's Elementary School in Detroit so they saw an opportunity to connect the student's at Harm's with Manna students internationally. With the help of Evan Quinnell, a current Ecuador PD teaching 4th level Children's English at the Ecuador site, we made it happen! A couple of weeks ago, the 15 students of Evan's class reached out to the children of Harm's Elementary School in Detroit, Michigan and they have just received their first replies back from the students at Harm's!

Evan's 4th level English Class (always hard to get everybody looking at the same time).

A letter from Marcus in Detroit to Camila in Rumiloma

Evan's students have yet to send their replies, but surely they will be thoughtful, inquisitive and insightful letters. Here's to global unity and new friendships abroad.