Campus chapters provide a variety of engaging and creative opportunities for college students to connect with the global community through on-campus, local, and international
service initiatives.

Campus Chapters serve growing international communities and encourage university students to engage in rich and rewarding cross-cultural exchange.

Active Chapters

"As a team we were able to see how deep poverty is and how you can't 'change the world' in a couple of days and not even a couple of years. It is the relationships you make with people and the little changes that you are able to make in a community that make the most difference."

- Allie
Chapter Member



"What I love about these chapters is that they're all individualistic, each with their own ideas of what they want to accomplish as branches of a working non-profit organization. They are all involved with their own local initiatives, volunteering in their communities with organizations that run the gamut of community development initiatives."
Chapter Coordinator


University Partner Programs

MPI partners with universities, providing internships and development experience to students from a range of disciplines. Students put their education into practice, taking part in holistic community development initiatives, assisting with programs, serving alongside professionals in their field of interest and completing research projects for undergraduate and graduate level credit.

 Contact for more information or to establish a new partnership.