New Manna on Campus

Hello all!  I'm Virginia, the new Chapter Coordinator for Manna.  This marks my second position with Manna, the first being my 13-month Program Director position in Ecuador that I finished up with in August!  I have been spending the last month getting to know the new chapter leaders and we have already hit the ground running with ideas and enthusiasm for this year.  What I love about these chapters is that they're all individualistic, each with their own ideas of what they want to accomplish this year as branches of a working non-profit organization.  They are all involved with their own local initiatives, volunteering in their communities with organizations that run the gamut of non-profits - community development initiatives.  They are also all in the early stages of planning a wide-array of what are all sure to be successful fundraising events in the name of Manna.  Needless to say, this is already shaping up like it will be a very successful year in the MPI chapters arena.  More to come as the year unfolds!