Breaking the Ice

Hello Guatemala!

What a long journey, filled with windy roads, chicken buses, false taxes, many averted crises, and ice breaking banter. Almost missing our flight because of breakfast, hard-to-kidnap elderly ladies, misplaced seats in Houston, wrong baggage claim/missing luggage, and shotguns at gas station. Well, we finally arrived in Sololá around 5:30, settled into our hostel, and then made ourselves at home at the 3 story Manna house. Delicious homemade pasta and garlic butter hamburger buns. We are about to have a "safety talk" led by our fearless leaders Kat and Hud. Textbook Waites refusing to do the blog, and then jumping at the opportunity to help the ladies with paperwork. Can't wait for tomorrow early morning.

We'll update tomorrow evening with our first days adventures (and planned emergencies).

Buenas noches,
Tyler & the Vandy A-team