Almost Here - Vandy Team

Hey y'all!

I am the first to update our trip blog, and obviously we don't leave until Sunday. So, I figured I'd ramble a little on what preparations we've done, and how freaking exciting we are to get down and get dirty. This past weekend, we helped out a local non-profit, called the Nashville Mobile Market, which offers healthy alternatives in Nashville's food deserts. As a group, we went to Kroger and recorded all their price, so that NBB can compare and publish its prices versus Kroger's. Then, we ate lunch at an authentic Guatemalan restaurant called La Antigua. At first glance, actually even at last glance, it was not ideal --  not in the best neighborhood, barred windows, and empty tables. However, although it was slow, we loved every minute of it. The owners were so gracious, and the food was delicious. It just aggravated our excitement for our trip.

As Hudson mentioned, we are going to be installing trash cans on the main highway, as the aldea has none. We are also bringing down lots of toothpaste and coloring books, and science experiments borrowed from VSVS (Vanderbilt Students Volunteering for Science). As much as we are excited for our environmental awareness program, we are even more ecstatic about building relationships in the school and community. Basically, for the kids.

We are meeting this weekend to go over final details, then its off to the airport at the butt crack of dawn on Sunday. Did I mention how pumped we are? Pray for safe travels.

Abrazos fuertes,