interview a PD

Interview a PD: Jackie Weidman

Finalmente, I have finished the last of our "Interview a PD" series. Let me tell you, it is not very much fun listening to yourself say 'but um' during each question, but um, I got through it!

Please pardon the change of location and the screaming kids in the background (the reason why we changed locations). The neighbors below we're hosing down their buck-naked children to clean them for lice. Oh the joys...

Enjoy the interview; many thanks to everyone who sent questions for all of us PDs! You're all awesome, and we love you.

- Jackie

Questions for Sarah!

7 interviews down, 2 to go... next up is Sarah Scott!

Sarah is leaving us in less than three weeks (tear) to start medical school at Vanderbilt. Please submit any and all questions about healthcare in Ecuador, how much fun it is to run cross-country around the valley, her many teaching talents (from cooking class to teaching the extremely eager beginner's English class), her deep love of reggaeton music, and beyond!

Either send questions by commenting on this blog post, or send them to me, Thanks!

Sarah beyond dominated by a bunch of kids

Have a great 4th of July! We'll be proudly sporting our red, white and blue down here.
- Jackie

Preguntas para Sonia

Next week I get to interview Sonia Patel! Although I'm not sure we can get her to sing "Milkshake" on the internet, I'm certain that you readers can come up with some (almost as) entertaining questions. And some thought-provoking ones too!

Bibi messing with Sonia on a retreat

Topics can include anything from:
  • "what is your favorite color?" (a question she posed to all of the summer volunteers last weekend in Quilotoa)
  • what she would do if any form of feces touched her
  • what it's like to be a vegetarian in Ecuador
  • how many episodes of Lost she's watched in the past week
  • her inspirations for Art Class
  • participating in the Alimentate nutrition classes
  • all of the awesome things she's going to do in med school in DC next year
Please post question as a comment to this entry, or e-mail me ( by next MONDAY June 28th!

thanks and happy summer!
- Jackie

Haley's Interview!

After lots of iMovie lessons, Haley's interview is finished! I would like to thank everyone who submitted questions; apologies to Mr. Booe for not being able to include our rendition of the "Shimmy Waltz" - the camera only captured our lower/less attractive halves. Also thank you so much to Haley for being an incredible sport; we shot the video in the new Preventative Health Center room through a hail storm and a couple of power outages. Overall, I think it turned out great!


Look forward to Erik's interview for next week!