Laying Down the Law

At the library, Marco is in charge.

The kiddos have come to realize that even though they can get away with most anything in children's art by shooting me their precious little "I'm innocent as a baby sea turtle" look, the same does not apply with Profe Marco. The combination of height (I think he may be the tallest person tiny Jori has ever seen in real life), Spanish fluency (ie. ability to effectively get his point across), and no-nonsense attitude towards running in the library or leaving books strewn around the kid's corner make him the perfect guy to sit behind the front desk. That and the fact that no matter the finished product, if a little library patron draws him something he will post it on the wall behind his desk. They love him :)

Boxes of Books

Before I post Mark's guest blog for the day, I have to write a quick note about the exciting package that was just dropped off at our house. Dunc has been working tirelessly to procure books for our library so that when we have the grand opening concert in March, our still-to-be-constructed bookcases will be full, instead of empty and sad.

To that end, he's found himself at the US Embassy, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture, the local paper shop, the Ministry of Education, and who even knows how many websites convincing the People with Power to donate books to our little endeavor. We've also been shown just how strongly we're supported through donations from MPI friends and family, specifically via our wishlist - thanks, Dad and Mom!

Anyway, we just got a box chalk full of books from the US Embassy! Woo hoo! They range from a child's touch-and-feel ocean book to Farenheit 451 in Spanish to a book on US politics and Obama... something for everyone :)


A Good Read

Match the PD with the book they brought to read in Papallacta this weekend:

a) Rising Tide -------------------------------------------------1) Eliah
b) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ----------------2) Jocelyn
c) World War Z -----------------------------------------------3) Seth
d) The Rise of American Democracy ---------------------- 4) Holly
e) Light in August-------------------------------------------- 5) Chris
f) The Audacity of Hope------------------------------------- 6) Dana
g) How to Change the World--------------------------------7) Dunc
h) The Fountainhead---------------------------------------- 8) Serena
i) Barrel Fever ------------------------------------------------9) Mark

(answers below)

a=7 b=8 c=9 d=1 e=5 f=2 g=3 h=6 i=4