Spring Break in Ecuador

Very recently, the library in Rumiloma, Ecuador celebrated it's 5th anniversary! Manna has been working in Rumiloma for five years already -- it's amazing to see how much it has grown. Vanderbilt sent a group of spring breakers to Ecuador this March, and they were hard at work to prep the library for it's 5th Anniversary Party. They painted a whole floor, repaired countless tables for English classes, and added an awesome creative flare to the English room! When they weren't hard at work, the group explored the Quito Basilica, and hiked into the Andes.
New art in the English Room!

In the heart of the Andes.

Saturday morning, final preparations were made for the big day. Even through the rain, it was a grand celebration, and the Vanderbilt group was such an integral part of the success of the 5th Anniversary Party! We could have never done it without them.

To read more about the 5th Anniversary Celebrations and for more information on the awesome on-site happenings in Ecuador, follow the Manna Ecuador Blog!