Surfing Sam

May is here already! Can you believe it? The past two weeks have been filled with lots of work and fun. The Austin Samaritans, a volunteer group out of Texas, came to visit our clinic in Villa Guadalupe. Program Directors Erica, Elena, and myself worked alongside the volunteers fitting community members with prescription reading glasses. We ended up handing out over 85 pairs of glasses to community members over the age of 40. It was a very successful day. Our monthly Milk Day was also a success. In addition to handing out vitamins and milk we did hemoglobin testing to test for anemia. If a child had low hemoglobin levels we would instruct their mothers on the correct dosages of iron to supplement their diets in order for them to improve their health. I had the opportunity to work along side Program Director Natalie, also a fantastic nurse, assisting her with administrating the tests to the kids. There is a lot going on at the VG clinic, so it has been a great opportunity to work alongside all the organizations and volunteers. Despite all the work, I was able to escape to the beach for one of the best swells to hit Nicaragua in the past decade... Gotta love Nicaragua!!!!