Un Montón of Books!

Thanks the work of last year's PDs, we won a grant for library books from Books for Life. The stipulation was that if we spent $2,000 on books, they would reimburse us for that $2,000 plus give us an addition $1,000 to be spent on books. Last year, they bought the first $1,000 worth of books and just last week we spent the second $1,000.

The PDs, along with help of Paola, a community member, broke up into teams to conquer the biggest bookstores we could find in Quito, with each group focusing on purchasing books to cater to a certain genre of library-goers. The book groups included children's, adult, teen, health/nutrition and agriculture.

Today, we moved the piles of books from the make-shift storage space underneath our stairs to the library. And since the library bosses (i.e. Mike, Jackie, Haley and Sonia) spent the majority of their afternoon entering all of the books into the electronic check-out system, the stacks of new books have made their way onto the shelves and are ready to be read! It is quite satisfying to see fully stocked library shelves!


Un monton de libros nuevos!

Thoroughly organized Children's Books

Stocked shelves around the Children's Corner

Mike and Chet help keep the order (book-wise and broom-wise)

Sonia arguably made the most important purchase: Bibi and Spring
The little girl looks JUST like Bibi...