Interview the Executive Director: Lori Scharffenberg

Finally, after several empty promises and many hours with my new boyfriend, iMovie, I am proud to announce that Lori's interview is complete! But before I unveil this gem, let me give a few prefaces...

1. Please ignore the random background noise, which includes (but is not limited to): children screaming outside, my housemates screaming inside, doors slamming, rain pouring, and dogs barking. Welcome to the joy of living in a house that echoes like none-other.
2. Yes, I know the screen is kind of (ok, more like really) dark. I positioned Lori with perfect back lighting... which apparently is NOT ideal for things like video and pictures. Everything seems to be a learning experience around here.
3. And yes, I am also aware that there is a smudge on the screen. Yet another tactical error. I'll work on it for next time.

But even with all of my mistakes, Lori managed to give a super interview. So check it out!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! And thanks to Lori for putting up with me! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful week!