Photographs from the Grand Opening!

Click here to see the 'before' pictures.

(Our desk table served as the "put everything here until we figure out what to do with it" place)

(Beginning to categorize the books)

(Testing out the teen center, making sure it, uh, works...)

(Seth and Tim put on the first of many coats of blue paint in the teen center)

(Dedicated painters)

(Eliah organizes new book donations)

(I love painting barefoot)

(My beautiful art studio, location of future art classes, with windows on 3 sides!)

(The kids' corner was packed 10 minutes after the official opening)

(It's all about being comfortable while you read)

(The beautiful mural in the teen center, on the back of the bookcases in our office)

(Jocelyn with one of our favorite families)

(Dancing in the street and rockin' our Manna tee's)

(All smiles during the concert!)