Responding to the Zika Virus

First and foremost, Manna Project International is committed to the safety and security of our volunteers and staff. For more information, contact

Both of MPI's clinics in Nicaragua are experiencing a sharp increase in patient numbers due to the increased prevalence of suspected Zika virus cases. While there is no treatment for the Zika virus, MPI is working to reduce its impact on the communities we serve by providing:

  • Medication to treat pain and fever,
  • Protective measures such as mosquito repellant, fans, and screens,
  • Preventative education to reduce the spread of Zika virus, and
  • Risk reduction through the elimination of standing water sources.

Please donate today to help families impacted by the Zika virus in Nicaragua. Thank you!

On the road to the Cedro Clinic in   Nicaragua

On the road to the Cedro Clinic in Nicaragua