We create communities of young leaders that help break the cycle of poverty in underserved communities around the world.

You hear a lot about poverty. You want to help, but it’s hard to know where to start. At Manna Project International, we know that poverty is complicated and multifaceted. But we’re not looking at poverty: we’re looking at people. These people are our neighbors and they need access to health care, education, and an income equal to the cost of living.

These three basic human rights are the heart of international development. Access to health and education and improving livelihoods can transform a community forever. It is why we focus our work in these three essential areas.

Why Volunteer with MPI?

Manna Project International’s holistic development initiatives are built on a foundation of trust, commitment and community ownership. As a diverse and united team, our long-term volunteers live and work within the communities they serve. They learn from each other’s world perspectives, lifestyles, cultures, values, passions, strengths and experiences. Join us!

Where We Work

At our Ecuador and Nicaragua sites, problems are met with resources, people are connected with support and young leaders are equipped with real-world experience. Through capacity development, training and relationships, communities are visibly and measurably changed from within. You may not be able to change a system of poverty - but you can change a life! 


Serving the communities of
Cedro Galán, Chiquilistagua and Villa Guadalupe.

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Serving the communities of
the Los Chillos Valley.

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