At Manna Project International’s Ecuador site, wellness is a priority. Whether it’s making nutritional hummus or bean dip with our children’s nutrition class, or spending an hour kicking the soccer ball with friends during sports hour, we constantly aspire to incorporate healthy practices in everything we do and everything we teach. However, we need your support in order to expand these programs! We would love to be able to cook full healthy meals instead of just snacks, and we would love to provide new sports equipment. More importantly, we would love to hire a Mental Health professional in order to focus on the mental health of the children in our programs and their families…

With mental health needs in Ecuador being on par with the rest of the world, it is imperative that we have qualified professionals on site who can address the needs of children and their families. With your donations, Manna Project’s Ecuador’s Centro Comunitario would then have the opportunity to identify, treat and/or refer the children who are experiencing mental health problems. For $7,800/year, we would be able to give our community the mental health support they need and deserve.

With your generous support, we can improve the mental, physical and nutritional health of our community members. Please consider donating below!

Give Toward Nutritional and Physical Health Activities at our Ecuador Community Center:


Give Monthly Toward a Mental Health Professional at our Ecuador Community Center: