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October 2018 Update

Managua is at the center of the political crisis that began in Nicaragua on April 18th and has since claimed 481 lives and injured over 2,800. Large protests, road blockades, and unpredictable violence are making it it increasingly difficult to travel throughout the city and to reach hospitals and public health clinics. However, thanks to Manna Project, residents of Nicaragua can still access critical health services in this time of crisis...

Our two clinics in Cedro Galán and Villa Guadalupe have remained open throughout the recent protests and will continue to provide high-quality, affordable health care to our community members. Our dedicated local staff works every day to provide essential health care to community members. We also continue to collaborate with local partner organizations to provide family planning services, lab exams, and health education.

For less than a dollar, our patients receive a high-quality medical consultation and any prescribed medications. The current crisis has had strong economic implications and many community members have seen their income reduced due to job layoffs and the inability to report to work as a result of travel difficulties. Continued access to health care is crucial for residents during this crisis who otherwise would have no viable options to seek care. To read a full update on the state of Nicaragua healthcare and our clinics, please visit this page.

Your financial support is vital to ensuring ongoing patient consults and treatment, along with the salaries of on-site staff.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Lilliam Narvaez, Doctor, Villa Guadalupe Clinic

“We have seen more patients coming to the clinic lately because people are afraid to travel into other parts of Managua due to the increasing violence and roadblocks. Our clinic is much more affordable and offers free medications, which is important in this community. Consults at other private clinics cost between C$150-C$300 (US$5-$10) and they don’t include medication.”

Selma Granados, Nurse, Villa Guadalupe & Cedro Galan

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.44.17 PM.png
“With everything going on right now it is especially important to have a close, affordable place for medical care. Our clinic also offers more services, like gynecology, than the public health post does.”