Semana Santa in Nicaragua

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a common Latin American religious celebration prior to Easter. The week traditionally a reminder of Jesus Christ’s final days prior to his crucifixion and is a national holiday in most Latin American countries.

During Semana Santa, our Nicaraguan Program Directors took a much-needed reprieve and traveled to San Juan to visit the beautiful and eponymously named Playa Hermosa. Next, Program Directors flew in a tiny prop winged aircraft to the other side of the country, all the way to the Corn Islands, widely held to be one of Nicaragua’s loveliest vacation destinations.

The Program Directors stayed on Little Corn, which is so removed from civilization that it only has electricity for half of each day. 

Semana Santa was a wonderful time for rest and relaxation for everyone, but now that it’s over, everyone is hungry to get back to work on our amazing programs.

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