Slather Got the Job!

Slather (pronounced 'Slater') is a student in MPI's pilot program, English Vocational Training. One of the premier job opportunities for English-speakers in Nicaragua is to work for an English language call center. While there are many openings, few are qualified. 

Over the past year, Slather has been interviewing with different call centers and working on his skills to land a job in the industry. Last week he was hired by Concentrix, a business services company with high-end customer engagement services. We are so proud of Slather and all of his hard work!

We look forward to reporting future successes for students in the English Vocational Training program as students gain skills for employment at a local call center to vastly improve the wellbeing of both themselves and their families. 

Reflecting at Laguna de Apoyo

Thursday morning we packed up the Micro, said goodbye to our beloved dogs, Roscoe and Tola, and took off for our Quarter One Retreat. We drove an hour southeast from Managua to our final destination, Laguna de Apoyo.

Laguna de Apoyo is one of the most breath taking places in Nicaragua. It’s a clean, warm, beautiful lake inside the crater of Apoyo Volcano. The views are so serene and although this was my third trip to Laguna, I always have to blink ten times to make sure it’s real.

We had the pleasure of staying at Casa de Sol, a beautiful house equipped with hammocks, an infinity pool and pool floaties (our favorite part)! It was the perfect place to take a step back from programs, reenergize and relax for a weekend.

After running programs and administrative roles on site for two months we had a lot to debrief and discuss at retreat. We learned more about the history of Nicaragua, strategized on how to continuously improve programs, and most importantly, set team goals for the year. Some of our goals include: continuing to support the team, practicing Spanish and building community relationships.

On our last night together we watched the 2013 documentary Living on One Dollar (it can be found on Netflix). The film follows four college graduates to rural Guatemala where they live on $1 a day for two months. The four boys face the many challenges that come with living in extreme poverty including hunger, illness and financial stress. I won’t spoil the rest. Here is the trailer:

After watching the movie (and shedding a few tears) we discussed the similarities between what is shown in the documentary and what we see everyday in our communities here in Nicaragua such as informal labor, inconsistent pay and tough family choices that are forced to be made due to lack of financial stability.

I would recommend this movie to all; it is moving, to say the least, and has the power to put everyone’s life into a new perspective in an hour.

Over all I would say Quarter One Retreat was a huge success. We were able to see positive progress from our first two months, as well as set goals and strategize for how we will carry out the rest of the year!

Stay tuned for more adventures and updates from MPI Nicaragua!

- Carissa